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Targeting basket abandonment

Basket abandonment has been a grey area for ecommerce sites for a while, there’s just no easy way to target abandoned baskets and get people to proceed through the checkout. There are a few methods that can work, but recently more ecommerce sites have been focussing their marketing elsewhere rather than paying attention to their abandoned baskets. Find out how cart completion can be boosted in 2018 with a few simple tricks!


Reduce shopping cart abandonment


Customer Journey


The reason for basket abandonment could be simply down to a gap in the customer journey through the checkout process. There are three things that could help your customer complete their checkout process:



    • Include a checkout as guest option. Sometimes people will want to make a one-off purchase and won’t want to create an account. Creating accounts can put people off purchasing as it will take longer to input their details.


    • Install an SSL certificate on your site to show it’s a secure site and that customers details are safe.


    • Display accepted payment options. If your site accepts American Express, Apple Pay or PayPal alongside other popular payment methods such as Visa and Mastercard, display the icons to show these payment methods are accepted.





Be unforgettable! Getting your brand noticed organically in search engines is the most ethical way to grow your brand but this can take time. Alongside this, adopt some remarketing strategies with the Google Display Network.


This means when someone spends time on your site, depending on where they’ve clicked and how far they’ve scrolled, your brands’ adverts will display to them later as they’re browsing the web or using social media. This makes them remember that they were shopping earlier and more likely to return to your site.


Simplify your ecommerce system


Using up-to-date technology and easy to use software is paramount to your business running smoothly. There are many systems such as Magento and WooCommerce for WordPress that let you easily manage stock levels on your site, orders and payments. With simple integrations your site can work smoothly for both customers and your business. Find out more information on ecommerce marketing and how it can work for you.


Tackle abandoned baskets with MonkeyFish


If you’ve noticed basket son your website being abandoned, talk to our digital marketing team at MonkeyFish. We can help you identify things that may be hampering your checkout process and introduce new methods to get your customers making purchases and coming back for more. For more information, view our full range of digital marketing services online. You can also talk to us via our live chat or call us directly on 01282 504730. You can also get in touch online, va member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible when you fill out our contact form.

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Targeting basket abandonment