What Are The Benefits of First Aid Trained Employees?

Wondering what the benefits of first aid trained employees are?

Nobody likes to imagine the possibility of an accident at work, if however an accident does occur then every business must have a first aid trained employee or a number of staff who have successfully completed first aid at work training. As with most health and safety matters there are very strict laws and regulations for every employer to follow when it comes to first aid at work. These are in place to ensure that should there be an instance where an employee has been injured or taken ill suddenly, they can be treated in the correct manner immediately and reduce the risk of death if the incident that occurs is of a serious nature. This is perhaps the most significant benefit of first aid trained employees and the reason why you should train your staff in first aid this year if they have no current certification. There are other factors to consider as well as first aid training that will maximise the safety of your employees, in the building industry as of 2010 it became mandatory for all on site workers to carry a valid CSCS card at all times. All building employees working on site should now have undertaken and completed a CSCS health and safety test which enables them to work on site and complies with building site regulations. If you employ workers who do not have the correct on site documentation and qualifications then you are liable to being prosecuted and also increasing the risk of accidents occuring. As an employer you must take every measure to ensure that all of your employees are protected and that the risk of an accident is minimised at all times. No business owner wants the hassle and trauma of having to be issued with an employee injury claim caused by an accident in the workplace. It may be an injury occurs at work through what is deemed as an every day or trivial task such as lifting boxes, you as the employer are the liable party, it is recommended that your employees who need to carry out manual lifting tasks attend and pass a manual handling training course. If they are trained and cause themselves an injury by adopting an incorrect lifting position they are liable not the business.
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