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The Benefits of Small Plant Training

nSmall plant training is designed to provide delegates with full understanding and knowledge of how to safely operate small plant equipment. Ideal for both end users and those who supply small plant equipment to others, small plant training opens the door to a variety of opportunities and covers a whole range of equipment.n

Small Plant Equipment is Used in Many Industries

nsmall plant trainingMany different industries use small plant equipment such as the railways, agricultural and construction to name but a few. Small plant equipment includes hydraulic, electrical and air operated equipment and includes everything from chainsaws to power tools.nnSmall plant training from Renown Training takes just half a day per tool, and covers everything you need to know about the hazards and control measures of using small plant equipment; selecting, checking and testing equipment; using protective equipment and the safe operation of the equipment.nnBoth theory and practical assessments are required to pass small plant training, after which you will be presented with a safety certificate which declares the user qualified to operate the equipment. As mentioned above, small plant training opens the door to a wide number of industries; particularly construction, where all manners of small and large plant equipment are used.n

Small Plant Training Can Boost Your Railway Career

nRenown Training offer small plant training for use on the rails – another area where it is regularly used. Maintenance and repair of the rails requires extreme care which is why small plant training is a huge benefit for anyone wanting to expand on their skills to further their career in the rail industry.nnOffering a wide range of railway safety training courses across the country Renown Training are the only company you need for comprehensive small plant training and other courses including PTS training and emergency first aid. Check out their range of courses today!nnKeep up with the latest  client news by adding the MonkeyFish Marketing blog to your RSS feed!

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The Benefits of Small Plant Training