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The Great Gift Company Choose Our Online Marketing Services

The MonkeyFish Marketing team is pleased to welcome The Great Gift Company on board for an SEO Kickstart package. The company offer a wide range of novelty and unusual gifts for men, women, children and all occasions, so if you’re ever stuck for an idea for a perfect gift go and check them out!


An SEO Kickstart Package


The MonkeyFish Marketing team will be implementing SEO throughout their website to ensure The Great Gift Company is the first thing people find when searching for unusual or novelty gifts. With a vast assortment of funny, practical and unique gift ideas to choose from, our internet marketing team has had a great time going through the website and may have been guilty of an impulse buy as a result! (It’s pay day after all…)


Bespoke Online Marketing Services


Unlike our other Kickstart packages, this one will only last for 6 weeks upon request of the client. At MonkeyFish Marketing we pride ourselves on providing bespoke online marketing services that are tailored to suit each client’s individual requirements.


The Great Gift Company Returns!


MonkeyFish Marketing are pleased to announce another partnerships with The Great Gift Company to bring you Great Gift Hampers, selling speciality hampers as well as themed gift boxes. The purpose of which is to provide customers with even more gifts that they’ll love in their exclusive and very popular Gift Box Hampers. If you would like to know more about how our internet marketing team can help grow your business online, call our friendly team on 01282 504730 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, book a free health check online or check out our scrapbook to see some of the work we’ve carried out from some of our other clients.

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The Great Gift Company Choose Our Online Marketing Services