The Internet Marketing Lowdown - Facebook Advertising

Internet marketing explained - Facebook advertising

With the trend for social media sites growing as quickly as ever, you'll no doubt have heard about Facebook advertising. But with tweets, posts, pages, insights and tens of other words flying around the social stratosphere, you might be a little unclear of what exactly it means and whether it's useful for your business. As a clever internet marketing company, we like to keep our clients up to speed with the latest ways to stand out online so here's our breakdown of 'Facebook advertising'. If you're not a regular Facebook user, understanding how Facebook works with advertisers is a crucial part of your decision to advertise online. With three sales channels, it is important to do a bit of research to see which one would work best for your business. Internet Marketing Explained - Facebook Advertising There are direct sales deals which are managed accounts, utilised by the largest global brands, inside sales, handling clients who may spend thousands of pounds a year on their Facebook advertising campaigns and online (or self-serve) sales for companies or individuals who want to 'pay as you go' so to speak. However, when it comes to the various types of Facebook advertising available, the specific sales deals don't provide access to anything you can't access yourself through the self-serve interface. The managed accounts just mean that someone else does it for you! When advertising on Facebook it is important to consider that Facebook advertising is more effective at driving behaviour on Facebook. For example, an advert showcasing your new page will attract more attention than an advert linking off the site to your own webpage, so think about your goals carefully. If your aim is to reach 1000 likes on your travel companies Facebook page, then think of a quirky message to display to your target audience such as 'Like this page if you love going on holiday'! If your goal is to drive traffic to your Facebook shop - consider a special offer. Avoid a boring sales pitch and try and make your adverts much more sociable. With the ability to select the audience you want to target, Facebook advertising is a great tool for direct marketing. When setting up your Facebook advert, you can specify exactly who you want to see it, from the gender to the age range, the location to the preferred area of interest - for those in the know, it really is a fantastic tool! Our tips? Do your research, find out exactly who your target market is and think outside the box! To find out more about clever internet marketing company, MonkeyFish Marketing, contact us using the buttons below!

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