The Primary Goal of Content Marketing? To Generate Leads

Content is everything these days, there’s no doubt about that. Marketers create content for everything: landing pages, social media, video presentations, product descriptions...the list goes on. Content marketing is about creating interest and offering information to your customers, but what is coming to light is that content is more important than ever for generating leads. It might seem obvious since content is one of the fundamental aspects of internet marketing, but a recent study by IMN (a conference organiser) has revealed that lead generation through content marketing has become much more apparent in recent months. Marketers were polled regarding the primary goals of content marketing and they showed just how much pressure there is to generate leads.

Content Marketing is More Focused on Lead Generation Than Ever

Marketers were surveyed across the US and the results were compared to last year. Of the 7 aspects covered (thought leadership, increased leads, customer and prospect engagement, awareness, customer loyalty, increased revenues and other) only 2 increased: thought leadership and increased leads by 4% and a whopping 28% respectively. So if you’re in content marketing you’re main goal is to generate leads. Of course, it’s easy to write a bunch of content that generate leads – but if the leads are bad then what’s the point? It’s all about getting the balance right between quality and quantity to ensure the generated leads are worth following, so they are more likely to result in sales, but more importantly, valued customers. By analysing the content on your website you can see just how users are reacting to it – where they’re going next and the actions they take as a result of what they’ve read. Valuable, useful content that doesn’t just focus solely on sales but provides customers with useful information is more likely to result in good quality leads than a sales pitch, and Analytics are the best way to evaluate how your content is working for you.

Our Clever Internet Marketing Team are Committed to Generating Leads

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