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‘There’s an App for that’

MonkeyFish Marketing love ‘apps’ whether it’s an iPhone app, Blackberry app or an android app, there literally is an app for everything! As an office divided by all three phones I have done some office research to find out which phone is used the most for downloading applications and which one is the easiest to use. Pie As the pie chart shows the iPhone has proved to be the phone used most when downloading applications, as an individual I can’t say I’m surprised. The iPhone has set the way for applications, when I think of an app, I immediately think apple. The clever Internet marketing department deserve a medal for brand awareness and product placement; ‘there’s an app for that’ is internationally known and related to Apple and iPhones! By just creating one phrase Apple has managed to dominate a mass market earning themselves billions. As a Blackberry user myself I have to admit I don’t use apps at all, mainly because I didn’t think I could. I purchased my Blackberry for business use, knowing I could receive all my emails to my phone, connect to the web and text was all I needed (with the added bonus of having my Facebook and Twitter at the touch of a button). My Blackberry has served me well and though I have downloaded the Facebook and Twitter app I have never intended or wanted to download anymore. This may be due to the design, iPhones seem sleeker somewhat, their apps are on page that slides to the next meaning everything is right in front of you displayed perfectly and neatly,. Nokia have managed to create a similar phone with the same sleek, simple layout with an easy app store. As this is only my opinion I will stand corrected, Blackberry may be a great phone to download apps on, there is an ‘app store’ on my phone but I have never used it. Personally my next upgrade will be to an iPhone, I want to see what apps are available, how I can use them, will I enjoy going back to touch screen. I’m sure the iPhone isn’t perfect but for app’s my results show its top dog. Below is a video from the one and only ‘Sesame Street’ though an educational children’s programme Sesame Street is upto date with the latest technology and to prove this here is their song about apps (which is where the idea for this article came from)! Enjoy! Sesame Street ‘There’s an app for that’

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‘There’s an App for that’