How To Time Online Marketing Updates.

When is the best time to send Tweets, emails and text ads? Our online marketing experts investigate…

Life on Earth really is non-stop at the moment, with around 80% of people continuing to work after they’ve left the office! However, this also means that the online marketing world has up to 30 extra hours per month to connect with consumers. But when exactly? Posting on your social media platforms. There have been plenty of conflicting reports over the past couple of years about when to post to social media – some say first thing in the morning to catch the early birds, others say late at night to interact with night owls. But a recent study has found that Facebook usage seems to peak at three in the afternoon on weekdays, and especially on a Wednesday. Sunday on the other hand has proven slow, so save your juiciest updates for later in the week! Curiously this doesn’t apply to Twitter pages, where brand engagement hits a peak at the weekend. Different types of content seem to receive different levels of engagement too – general updates posted between 8am and 7pm receive around 30% more interest, while links posted between 1pm and 3pm receive the most clicks. The best time to send out emails. As with social media platforms, conflicting email marketing trends have included mailing first thing in the morning and setting campaigns to reach users during the middle of the night. Some experts have gone as far as to advise that your mail be timed for as close to 6am as possible to ensure you're hitting the top spot in your client’s inbox! There is method in this madness though when you consider that 68% of consumers check their work email account before 8am. That said, the increase in the use of smartphones has seen email peaks occurring at increasingly unexpected times. There is a way to counter this however, by considering what makes sense for your brand. If your audience tend to make purchases during their lunch hour then send them a message that will reach them just before they settle down to their sandwich. If they prefer to peruse your business at the weekend, time your campaign for later in the week.

How to get it right on mobile. As mentioned above, ad interaction rates on mobile networks tend to peak around midday, but this isn’t set in stone. If you’re a restaurant then aim to send your campaigns around the times of day when clients will have food on the brain. For others, employ a tactile strategy like checking website analytics to establish the points when trends occur. So what are you waiting for? Get planning your clever email marketing strategy today!

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