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To go viral or not to go viral, video marketing is the question.

The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer, and with the increase in video marketing heralding a change in internet marketing trends, you can finally bring these thousand words to life! Studies have already shown that videos are increasingly snagging top rankings on Google search engines, appearing amongst results within mere days. It’s no surprise then that businesses using clever internet marketing techniques are increasingly employing video marketing in a variety of ways, be it humorous, informative or just to showcase new products. So what exactly is behind this online marketing trend? The key is actually to keep it simple and use your videos to four main advantages: to provide evidence of a human element within your brand, to deliver a more targeted audience, to produce higher conversion rates and to increase your exposure through video platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo. One of the most important things to remember however, is not to over think your video marketing campaign. Simply using it to create live, less complex how to’s, to give viewers a tour of your brand new office or to meet the faces behind the company will create a deep rapport with your clients that might otherwise be missed in plain old text. Monkeyfish Marketing’s fantastic client Couples Resorts has already implemented video marketing with their very own Youtube channel. Their short but sweet videos of stunning Jamaican sunsets, warm welcomes from staff and behind the scenes glimpses into their kitchens and recipes have garnered a whopping 81,040 views from potential customers. The greatest thing about the medium of video is that it gives your internet marketing campaign this freedom to be either informative, amusing or to explore its adventurous side by going viral. Reatil aficionados Nike are one of the most successful viral marketers of all time, using basketball player Kobe Bryant to jump clean over an Aston Martin and pool full of snakes to raise speculation about which leap was real and which wasn’t – and sell millions of pairs of their latest shoe line of course. Even small businesses have gotten in on the act. When Ojai Valley’s resident taxidermist Chuck Testa released this hilarious advert he had no idea just how big it’d get. The video now has an insane 12,041,915 views that encouraged viewers to flock to his shop, and saw Testa create a popular line of tie in t-shirts. Do you think your company could be the next to benefit from clever video marketing? Contact Monkeyfish for the expert creation of sales videos, testimonial videos, training videos and even high quality television adverts.

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To go viral or not to go viral, video marketing is the question.