Top 3 Internet Marketing Myths

There are a number of common misconceptions regarding internet marketing and the steps that businesses should take to ensure they are successful online. With so many different people offering different advice, it’s easy to become confused. MonkeyFish Marketing is an internet marketing company that has extensive experience working with all kinds of businesses to help them flourish online. We’ve compiled a list of internet marketing myths that you should avoid.

Internet Marketing Experts

Any content is good content Wrong. Particularly with recent changes to Google’s algorithms, content continues to be incredibly important. The content on your website needs to be engaging and informative, it should attract visitors and give them the information they are looking for. Content needs to go in the right places, websites can’t survive on only one or two good pages, there must be an even spread of relevant, optimised content. Internet marketing is not for everyone There is a misconception that businesses from some industries should not be investing in online marketing. No matter what kind of business you run, your targeted audience will be using search engines to try to find you. Combining traditional marketing techniques with internet marketing strategies gives your business the best chance of attracting customers. A pretty website is a good website Your website should look fantastic, but it won’t get by on its looks alone. The talented team at MonkeyFish Design create stunning websites that catch the eye, but they work closely with MonkeyFish Marketing and MonkeyFish Development to ensure that it not only looks great, but works great too. Users should be able to navigate your website quickly and easily, finding the information or product they need without becoming unnecessarily frustrated.

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