Top Internet Marketing Tips for 2017 from MFM Founder

With a new year fast approaching, we sat down with MonkeyFish Marketing Founder and Head of Strategies, Phill Monk, to explore what businesses should be doing to make sure their website flourishes online in 2017.

User Experience is Key

We asked Phill about the future of internet marketing and what the focus of businesses should be to make sure their website is successful. Phill explained: “Throughout 2016 our team found that improving user experience on websites had a massive impact in the position change of the SERPs. Not only did good user experience improve the ranking of the website on search engines, but the all-important conversion rate optimisation (CRO). It’s clear to me that user experience will be our biggest focus in 2017. “Looking after the health of your website shows search engines like Google that you care about its performance. I’d recommend that all businesses hire a good webmaster to ensure a clean bill of health when users and search engine bots come visiting.”

Heat Mapping and Good Content

Phill said: "Watching how customers interact with your website is invaluable. Not only can you identify which parts of your website are working, it allows you to constantly improve struggling areas as required. Heat mapping gives vital data that supports conversion rate optimisation. MonkeyFish Marketing build intelligent websites that work hard, as well as looking pretty. “I’ll never get tired of saying that content is king, but it needs to be the right kind of content. You can’t expect optimised content to convert your customers, it has to be engaging. I’d advise that you ensure your content goes in the right places! Service and ecommerce websites all need content but plan wisely!”

Make your Website Mobile Responsive

Phill explained: “It’s not rocket science that mobile is here to stay and 2017 will show an even bigger increased in mobile engagement. Even Google is planning its own mobile algorithm to ensure positive experiences for its users. If your website is not mobile then I’m afraid it’s time you found the budget to change. If you want more customers or to generate more sales online, then user experience is key. “Don’t panic! Ethical SEO and CRO always prevails. MonkeyFish Marketing found that in 2016, following strict Google guidelines, we had our best year to date in ensuring not just good rankings, but rankings that generated sales, making 2016 one of our biggest years for generating good ROI for our clients.”

Online Marketing Services

If you would like to find out more about the internet marketing services we offer at MonkeyFish Marketing, get in touch with Phill and the team now. Contact us online or call us directly on 01282 504 730 to discuss how we can help your business to succeed online.

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