Top Tips for Pinterest Users

Use Pinterest? Take a look at our top tips!

We love Pinterest! It's the perfect place to share pretty pictures, cool finds and get lost in a whole new world of trinkets and tidbits. But if you're using it for business purposes, how can you ensure you attract the right kind of attention? Pick your pictures wisely Don't post pictures just for the sake of it! Yes, it's always great to have busy pinboards showing your diversity but make sure the images you pin are interesting - especially if you're pinning as a brand. The images you choose should represent your business. Consider how you'd feel if a customer looked at your boards. Would you be embarrassed by the content or would you be pleased with your offerings? Pinboards work especially well for creative industries, showing inspirational pieces of work, helping to visually empower your brand and showing just how broad your horizons are. Stagger your content You might think the best way of pinning is to put as much as you possibly can onto your boards in a short space of time. While it's great to get started with a selection of images, content should be staggered. Forget you're a brand and pin like a person! Post content once or twice a day when you see something pin worthy and don't go overboard! Mix in some of your own work or products If you're planning on using Pinterest to share your own work or products, make sure you mix it in with other pins that may be of interest to your audience. Take the soft sell approach and don't over do it. Remember that Pinterest, like Facebook and Twitter, is a social media site - not a sales site. Can't find the time to pin? Let us do it for you! We offer a range of social media marketing services to help our clients stay social. To find out more about the packages we offer, or to see how clever online marketing agency, MonkeyFish Marketing can help you - contact us via the buttons below and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

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