TweetDeck Sells for Millions

Struggling for cash? We know someone who isn’t! Ian Dodsworth, inventor of TweetDeck has just sold his social media marvell to Twitter for £25million! For those who don’t know TweetDeck is a revolutionary product that allows users to update many social media accounts in one go. As a TweetDeck user myself I found this tool extremely useful! I have many Twitter accounts due to my various Internet Marketing clients with various Twitter accounts. TweetDeck is basically set out in different columns, see image. The columns are made up of Facebook, Twiter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, MySpace and Buzz. You can add as many accounts as you want to your own personal TweetDeck, however you can only add one master Facebook account (though this does pick up the individual fan pages and allows you to update them). As an unemployed Father of two, Dodsworth, set out to create a tool that could be used to interlink the social media platforms with the aim of easy usage and simple updates. With as many social networks as there are and with more coming out on a daily basis tools like TweetDeck are very valuable, as Twitter realised! Reading the statement from Dodsworth it is clear to see that he has looked at the market and offered a solution, instead of offering another similar product that will be blown out of the water by the big players such as Facebook and Twitter.  Dodsworth saw how huge Twitter has become; Twitter has been the source of social uprisings in the Middle East, the world’s biggest news source and has closed the gap between celebrities and the general public. Looking into it logically I can only assume that some heads did roll at Twitter, based in California, for not coming up with the idea first, however it is a fantastic achievement for Dodsworth and the UK to see entrepreneurs and inventors creating innovative ways to develop the social media society. Looking to find all these budding Internet based companies that are at the forefront of development and technologies? Head down to Silicon Roundabout, London! The home of TweetDeck, Last FM, DISPLAY and to name a few, this hive of new businesses really has set the standard of Internet Development, Advertising, Applications and Radio. If you are looking to start your own Digital Company I suggest you start here! Articles such as this one and developers like Dodsworth really challenge people to push their boundaries. I am not saying it won’t take time, effort, money and most probably your social life, but if you have an innovative idea that can contribute in a good way to the digital sector, or any industry for that matter, then there is no reason why you can’t achieve success!

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