Twitter Goes From Online Marketing To Lost And Found.

Twitter isn’t just for online marketing; it reunited one user with his lost Olympics ticket!

Like our team of online marketing consultants, you may have thought that Twitter was reserved solely for socialising and furthering you online marketing strategy, but we came across a story that demonstrates the true power of the underestimated social media platform. Just a week after the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, twenty-nine year old Cameron Montgomery found an athletics ticket valued at almost £300 in a north London train station! Rather than keeping the ticket and going to watch the athletics for free, Montgomery instead channeled his inner good Samaritan and decided to track down its rightful owner using the power of Twitter. “With each ticket having a name on it,” he said, “I went about looking for the person on the internet, looking at Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but didn't really hit with anything.” Finding no leads, he sent out a number of Tweets to try and attract the mystery owner's attention virally. But it was only after his campaign gained momentum and attracted retweets from the BBC and West Hampsted Hockey Club that the twenty-nine year old life saver finally made some headway.

With only minutes to spare, ticket owner Mike Boag retrieved it from Montgomery and was whinging his way to his favourite Olympic event. “He rushed over to my office and collected the ticket with about an hour to get to the stadium for the start!” Montgomery told reporters. “He was a bit stressed out and relieved, but thankful for what I did.” This heart warming incident just goes to show what a vast social presence and potential reach social media possesses, a presence that could not only work wonders for a lost and found office, but for your growing business too! Have you been inspired to see what Twitter could do for you? Contact our online marketing consultants using the buttons below.

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