Twitter Security Blip? Our Website Marketing Team Investigate!

Website Marketing News: Twitter Blip!

All eyes (including our website marketing team's) are sure to be on Twitter this week as a researcher recently blew a big hole in their security systems, publicly detailing how hackers could control a users account. 'How?' we hear you saying? Through some hi-tech system or maybe years of studying complicated code? Nope, the answer is rather less 007 - via a simple SMS text message. Now before you start panicking - Twitter have been quick to respond stating that any weak areas in their security systems were patched up months ago. Phew! But as the news spread on the world wide web, it emerged that this security blip could be potentially fatal for Twitter and its millions of followers. The blog post by 'security consultant' Jonathan Rudenberg' went into detail about how easy it is to send a text message from a 'fraudulent originating number' to a Twitter account - as long as they know you're signed up to tweeting via text and they have your phone number hackers can modify account information and tweet on your behalf. In the UK users can setup a PIN to protect their accounts but the US have yet to receive that feature. We know! It shocked us too! A post on Twitter's engineering blog stated that it is impossible to send a fake text tweet to its platform by 'spoofing' someone's phone number. Why? Because each text is sent to a shortcode. Not all countries however have shortcodes and, for want of a better word, must use 'longcodes' (a normal number) to update their account. In the places where shortcodes aren't available - the PIN acts as protection. Twitter how since revealed that they have removed the ability for SMS tweeting via longcode in regions where shortcodes are actually available. While it seems Twitter have escaped this one for now - we wonder how long it will be until another flaw is identified? We'll wait and see! To find out more about working with MonkeyFish Marketing, please feel free to browse our site and take a look at the range of website marketing services we offer. If you'd like to contact a member of our team, use the buttons below and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

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