Use Facebook Timeline For Successful Online Marketing.

Are you utilising Facebook’s Timeline to the best of your online marketing ability?

Although it might seem like a platform to optimise pictures, Facebook’s Timeline feature can do so much more for your online marketing plan, so we thought we’d treat you to a few Facebook marketing tips. 1. Have you tried pinning a post? Pinned posts are a relatively new feature on the Facebook timeline and consist of status updates that you can manually select to remain at the top of the page, avoiding your most important ones from getting lost. It is best to pin something that will get fans excited, such as a picture, competition, welcome video or important piece of news. Although you may only pin one post at a time, it will stay at the top of your timeline for seven days unless unpinned beforehand. To pin your post, simply click on the pencil icon in the corner of your status update and choose “Pin To Top” from the drop-down menu. To unpin one, click the unpin option. 2. How about highlighting a post? Although it serves the same purpose of a pinned post a highlighted post doesn’t remain at the top of the page, but instead expands across your Timeline. Although they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as a straight forward pinned posts, highlighted posts more than make up for it by drawing attention to your important content and not possessing any time limitations. They are best utilised by highlighting customer testimonials or your own blog posts and videos. To highlight a post, place your mouse over the upper right corner of the post you’d like to highlight, then all you need to do is click the star that appears to highlight it and click it again to unhighlight it. Just remember that you cannot pin and highlight a post at the same time. 3. Finally, create milestones. Facebook milestones are a great way of telling your businesses story to your followers through words and images. Why not make a milestone out of the day you opened up shop, were treated to a visit from someone important or even received your 100th Facebook ‘Like’? Fans love to get excited about what gets you excited, so try and include pictures or videos to give the content a new lease of life. Create a milestone by simply clicking “Event, Milestons+” on your Facebook Timeline and it will be automatically highlighted. As opposed to pinned or highlighted posts, you can create multiple milestones at once and even for past events, so don’t be afraid to make the most of even your oldest accomplishments.

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