Using Twitter Adverts In Online Marketing.

How to utilise Twitter adverts in your small business’s online marketing strategy.

The trends in online marketing might be ever changing, but one thing’s for certain, one of the most prolific – and effective – social media marketing trends is social network advertising. And it isn’t just Facebook who are taking advantage of the trend, Twitter are now utilising it via ‘Promoted Accounts’ and ‘Promoted Tweets.’ Around a third of small businesses are using Facebook and Twitter to advertise their services, a move that is supported by promising statistics – 60% of users are more likely to visit a website via a Twitter advertisement, while 50% are more likely to not only make a purchase, but recommend a company to friends! But what is the difference between Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets? Each can aid a different aspect of your online marketing campaign; Promoted Accounts have been more successful in growing a loyal follower base, while promoted Tweets are the way to go when it comes to getting your updates noticed by a larger audience, driving more clicks and engagement during crucial periods such as promotions or new product launches. You can even control your daily spend on these adverts and only pay for results, ensuring that you aren’t paying out of the nose and are greatly increasing your Twitter profile’s potential ROI. And that isn’t their only benefit, working in a similar way to Facebook ads, Twitter adverts can be geotargeted towards your specific demographic and are cleverly recommended to users who hold similar interests to your current followers, ensuring that no clicks are wasted. Testament to their effectiveness, Los Angeles based photographer Drew Ressler has used Promoted Accounts to gain over 1,300 new followers in a mere two months – can you imagine trying to do that manually? Promoted Tweets are also highly effective, with Twitter choosing to promote a company’s most engaging updates and gaining nutrition blogger Tom Corson-Knowles over 37,000 new followers over several months worth of advertising! “With Promoted Tweets, you can get targeted traffic to your website by paying per click, and then you get the added benefit of followers and tons of brand exposure on Twitter. It’s had a much higher ROI for me.” Would you like to learn more about social network advertising or growing your business using the power of social media marketing? Contact our online marketing team on 01282 504 730.

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