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Since the evolution of major search engines and their ability to read all aspects of your website, it is now becoming more of a necessity to portray a video on your website, rather than the fad that it became a number of years ago, where it was just deemed as a popularity aspect to have an expensive video on your website. For your website to exist in the world of internet marketing, its now becoming an essential factor to have some form of video on your website as it dramatically enhances the way that your business is able to market itself online.

There are many major benefits that go hand in hand with video production, it can drastically increase your company sales whilst also improving the visibility of your site across search engines such as Google.

The beauty of a video on your website is that it automatically allows you to enhance your brand awareness, whilst also building an instant rapport with any potential clients, allowing them to gain a clear insight into the company and how it is run.

Most importantly however, after a lot of market research, it has become clearly evident is that not only does it increase conversion rates, but it also drives additional traffic to your website.

The functionality and positive effect that a video has on your website, is also being further improved with the increased popularity that social media is embarking on, as it means you can now upload your video on social networking sites such as Youtube and Facebook, introducing your video to the world on a global scale.

It is absolutely essential in the online marketing world that you keep people on your site in order to sell the products and services that you offer. It is a proven fact that a video on your website has a positive effect on how your company performs. For example 65% of people will watch online videos to completion, opposed to only 10% of people reading a text only site to completion. In addition to this the average time that a user spends a text only website is approximately 60 seconds, opposed to 6 minutes people spend on a website that contains a video.

All in all videos are simply more engaging and persuasive than reading text, so for your professional video production feel free to contact one of consultants at MonkeyFish Marketing or view the video that we have on our website.

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