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Video Testimonials are Perfect for your New Year Website Marketing Strategy

There is nothing that speaks louder than a video testimonial. The perfect way to capture sentiments from a happy customer, they are a great way to add human interaction and a personal touch to your website marketing strategy. Finding the time to get written testimonials from your customers can be hard work, especially when they are tied up in the hustle and bustle of running their own companies, launching their own products and promoting their own services. Video testimonials are quick to film and only require a couple of lines to create a great level of impact on your potential new customers. Seeing a customer speaking personally about the good work you have done for them is a sure-fire way to attract new business. New customers want to feel at ease with your company and presenting them with as many reasons as you can as to why they should trust you and your products is essential. Appealing emotionally to your customers, video testimonials can give your website marketing strategy a real edge. Think about your competition and look at their reviewing strategy - are they using video testimonials on their websites? If not, there is no time to spare - think how envious they will be when they see ecstatic customers raving about your products and services. If your competition are already using video testimonials then don't worry - they are so easy to create that it won't be long until you are up and running with fantastic video reviews of your own. A great way to update your website marketing strategy, video testimonials are a step towards the future of website marketing. Creating personalised content designed to stand out from the crowd is a great way to get noticed and an ideal way to boost traffic and increase customer rapport.
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