Want More Accurate Internet Marketing Conversions Data Across Devices?

Want More Accurate Internet Marketing Conversions Data Across Devices?

Conversion data is vital for marketers, but up until now we’ve only been able to see what device people were using to browse – with no insight as to whether customers first discovered your site on a computer and made a purchase on their tablet and vice versa. Now Google is looking to put an end to this dilemma by launching cross device conversions for AdWords. The first of several Estimated Total Conversions insights, which will in the future include phone calls and in-store visits, the cross device conversion data will be rolled out globally over the next few weeks.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Internet Marketing Campaigns More Accurately

internet marketing conversions across mobile devices The aim is to allow advertisers to reach users on all devices without the need for multiple campaigns. Like the Conversion Import tool, these new Conversion Insights will work to track conversions that begin with an AdWords click and get completed on another device. By using a sample of data from users that are signed in on multiple devices like their computer, tablet and mobile, Google will provide an estimated conversions figure; however marketers will have to have conversion tracking implemented and at least 50 conversions daily to provide a reliable estimate. For the moment, estimated cross device conversions are only provided for searches that started on Google.com; the company are still working on how to capture conversions from ads.

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The new insight is a great way for marketers to measure the effectiveness of their internet marketing campaigns and helps to keep analytical data moving with the times. When it comes to effective internet marketing, look no further than MonkeyFish Marketing. We use a variety of internet marketing techniques and strategies to increase your online presence and good quality leads and sales through your website. We only use organic and ethical internet marketing strategies to deliver our clients excellent results, so if you would like to know more about how we can boost your business please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01282 504730.

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