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Are you a new start-up business, classified as a young business enterprise founded within the past three years, or simply looking to grow your company from its currently humble size?

Founder of MonkeyFish Marketing, Phillip Monk, has decided that after six years in business, he wants to lend a helping hand to such corporations, and aid your quest to be noticed on a larger scale. If you've already taken advantage of MonkeyFish Marketing's offer of an expert free website health check, you'll be in no doubt as to whether or not your website is performing to its full potential. But whatever you have deciphered from our probing of your site's SEO, meta titles and descriptions, and inbound links, one thing is for certain: we can improve your website's performance, and can perform a complete overhaul if necessary in a relatively short time-frame.

Build your Business with our Internet Marketing Services

Performing a diagnosis of your website's most vital components, MonkeyFish will not only edit your site titles, descriptions and contact forms to maximise the purchasing potential of any visitors to your domain, but we will also produce a full competitor analysis, and devise and implement a strategy for your business to move forward. In addition to the blitzkrieg treatment we'll give your website, MonkeyFish Marketing will also offer you and your business a set of guidelines to follow for a six-month period, including tips on how to best utilise social media channels. It is our hope that the vast improvement you see in your website's performance on the back of this will lead to a long and prosperous relationship between your business and ours.

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For more information on our exclusive marketing kick-start packages, or to learn more about any of our revered online marketing services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01282 504730, or by leaving your details on our contact us page and awaiting a swift response.

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