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As a clever website marketing company, it's important to know all the latest trends...

In such a fast paced industry, it's important for any website marketing company to make sure they are up to date with all the latest trends and when it comes to social media, there's always something new to talk about! Whether it's the Facebook timeline or the new and improved Twitter layout, there's always something encouraging us to stay social. The latest trend to hit the social media market is Pinterest. Pinterest is an online 'pin board' that allows users to create attractive online scrap books, showcasing images or products they discover online. A fantastically engaging website, it is more than a little addictive and provides the more creative among us with a place to compile our favourite images for all to see online. Users can set up as many boards as they wish, encompassing a range of different themes, each displaying carefully picked images, linking to websites, blogs, shops, etc. For any website marketing company wondering how creating a pretty board of colourful images could possibly help an internet marketing strategy, the answer is quite simple! Pinterest acts as a sort of virtual catalogue for your products, displaying them visually to a range of different users. You can write descriptions to go with the images and link back to your website and blog. The best thing about Pinterest however, apart from its charming good looks, is that, as with all social media sites, the power to 'share' is immense! Users can 'repin'any image they see to their own boards, spreading your images further than Facebook or Twitter could ever dream of! For any website marketing company looking to harness the power of the 'share', Pinterest is a great place to start and for businesses who rely heavily on visuals, it is an absolute must. Recommended Services:

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