Website Marketing Gets Festive!

Our website marketing team are feeling festive

Ho, ho, ho! Our website marketing team are starting to feel a little festive and what better way to count down til Christmas than getting the tree up and humming along to all the classics? While we're holding back on the mince pies and mulled wine (for now), we've certainly enjoyed seeing our clients embracing the festive season it seems they're not the only ones! We've been bombarded over the past week or so with cheery adverts and offers galore, so we decided to ask our team - out of all the adverts on TV, which campaigns are their favourite so far! Here are the results... John Lewis - Anybody that hasn't felt their heart melt just a little at this lovely ad needs to visit the doctor! The story of a snowman on a mission to find the perfect gift for his snow-wife, if The Snowman-esque cinematography doesn't make you shed a tear then the haunting rendition of 'The Power of Love' will! A great way to follow up on last year's popular Christmas ad - John Lewis have done it again! Will they make it a hat-trick next year? Asda - Behind every great Christmas, there's mum! We couldn't agree more. Our team are particularly fond of this advert because it shows the trials and tribulations of Christmas, not just the 'ideal'. From pumping up an air mattress to shepherding the kids along to the Nativity play, we've all been (or seen our mum's) in the same situation. Have a drink on us mum's! Coca Cola - Our top three wouldn't be complete without the infamous Coca Cola advert and our team agree that it's not Christmas until the Coca Cola truck's in town! A classic ad, we still get that little rush of excitement when we see it for the first time. Do you? Find out more about working with our talented website marketing team by using the buttons below to contact us. Go on! Make this Christmas one to remember.

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