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Computer security and anti-virus software company, Norton appear to be branching out into the world of online reputation management. Introducing a new tool called 'Norton Top Search', the company are now offering a service that allows you to control the top search result on search engines such as Google - for free! "HOW?" we hear you ask! Our website marketing team investigates... To change the top search result, users are asked to choose a URL that they would like displaying once a user searches online for their name. Asked to verify their identity by logging into Facebook, users are then greeted with a message, congratulating them on protecting their online reputation. Within a couple of days, users can expect to receive an email confirming that their top search result has been approved and published. The new tool is thought to use Google's own Adword technology to change search results, however it does not charge the user. Whether or not Google will allow top search results to appear as specified by Norton, remains to be seen and what happens when users have duplicate names, for example - John Smith? While Norton aren't the only company offering online reputation management tools, their top search results has certainly made an impression. Launching a similar tool last year, Google's own 'Me on the Web' has yet to make a huge different to online reputation management, with the term often an alien concept to even the most tech-savvy internet user. A novel idea that in some cases may help to protect your reputation, are there really enough people searching for your name to warrant your own listing and what if it falls into the wrong hands? We expect this function will soon become a bidding war - after all, there's only one top spot and heck of a lot of people on the planet! Want to keep up to date with the latest website marketing news or find out how we can help your business reach page one? Use the buttons below to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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