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YouTube have released a new tool that allows users to blur faces when using footage that requires anonymity. The new feature comes just two months after the launch of their Human Rights channel. While the feature may sound great, allowing you to use videos filmed where anonymity may be a requirement, how do you find the feature and how do you use it? Our website marketing team investigate... Blurring faces in your video footage using YouTube really is an easy process! Head over to the video enhancement tool and select the 'blur faces' option. Preview your video before publishing and then delete the original footage. Simple! The first to lead the way in identify protection, Witness, a partner of the YouTube Human Rights channel, say that there is not yet a video sharing platform that uses this feature. While faces can be blurred using editing suites, it is a great step forward for YouTube and one that will undoubtedly lead the way in the video sharing industry. According to recent studies from Pew, YouTube plays a large role in the news industry, acting as a source for news stories across the world. The new feature introduced by YouTube has been added in the hope that users worldwide will be much more likely to share videos without the risk of repercussions for those involved. For unorthodox ways of breaking news stories - it seems that this added anonymity may prove popular, but is it simply a feature that promotes the sharing of inappropriate content? In a statement issued by YouTube, they stated that they see this tool as a way to protect protesters and advocates as well as providing protection for children caught in video footage without consent. While they hope that it will encourage would-be journalists to share news and stories without risk of identification, will it really make a difference to the news industry or will it be a function used to simply mask unacceptable behaviour? Only time will tell! Keep up to date with the latest website marketing news by adding us to your RSS feed. To find out more about working with us, use the buttons below and we'll be in touch as soon as we possibly can.

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