Does Your Website Marketing Strategy Include Several Social Media Pages?

Time-saving website marketing tools that make staying social a whole lot easier...

Having multiple social networking sites can be time-consuming and often feels like a full-time job. In fact, it is a full time job! Staying social has never been so demanding and to make the most of your social networking platforms and boost your website marketing strategies, it is essential to stay active at all times of the day. An important part of your website marketing strategy, social media sites can act as a clever extension to your own company website and help to build great customer relationships... but maintaining them on a regular basis is absolutely crucial. Here are our top 3 tools that make multiple social media pages easier to handle - the added beauty? You can update all your accounts from just one place. Perfect! 1 - HootSuite HootSuite is an online platform that makes it easy to manage multiple social media channels as part of your website marketing strategy. Enabling you to update several pages through just one dashboard it is a great way to kill two (or several) birds with one stone, publishing your message to followers of all your social media accounts. For business' who have more than one social media contributor, it is a fantastic solution as it allows for multiple user accounts, all using the same password, in its 'Team Collobaration' feature. With custom analytics, it provides the perfect place for your staff to monitor all your social progress and is a great way to analyse the effectiveness of your website marketing strategies. 2 - TweetDeck TweetDeck by Twitter works in a similar way to HootSuite. It allows you to update several social media pages from its dashboard and is downloadable as an app for your desktop or smart phone. A great solution for gossiping on the go, TweetDeck enhances productivity and provides greater insights into your social media campaigns - a fantastic way to monitor any ongoing website marketing strategy. 3 - NutshellMail NutshellMail is great for users who don't have the time to constantly check on their social media activity. Allowing you to update your social media platforms from the same place - it is fantastic for saving time and enhancing your levels of productivity. An added feature of NutshellMail is the daily email update that describes your accounts’ activity each day - brilliant for monitoring your website marketing campaign on the go! Embrace social media this year and make the most of the great tools available to help you keep on top of all those social. commitments. Recommended

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