Website Marketing Tips for Start-Up Businesses

Just starting out? Our website marketing team share their tips for start-up businesses…

Starting out in business is hard – especially when you’re new to the world of online marketing and feel intimidated by the World Wide Web. With millions of businesses competing online for traffic, familiarising yourself with a couple of golden rules will help your start-up business get its foothold online. Our website marketing team have put together some great tips to help you on your way… Check them out! Get friendly with robots Unless your site can be indexed by search engines it won’t stand a chance of making its mark online. Search engines rely on automated ‘bots’ or ‘spiders’ to crawl through your website, storing copies of information for their ‘index’ and pulling it up when a search query arises. It is essential therefore, that you are not blocking robots from your site if you want to appear in the organic rankings. Ask your web developer to check your robots.txt file to make sure your site can be openly crawled. Even if it’s the only SEO rule you follow – it will make a difference! Research your keywords When it comes to putting together a list of keywords you want to optimise your site for, there are several areas that are important to look at:- Search volume: Using tools such as Google’s keyword tool, you’ll be able to gauge the search volume for your chosen keywords. The higher the number, the more traffic you could potentially gain and vice versa. Competition: Looking at how competitive your keywords are is essential for your website marketing strategy. If you have the resources to plough into competitive keywords then go for it! If not, avoid the high-competition phrases and focus on the keywords that will rise quickly and get your site ranking. Search intent: The keywords you choose for your strategy MUST be relevant to your site. There is no point using unrelated keywords just to get traffic to your URL. You’ll find that your bounce rate soars which can negatively affect the ranking of your site. Consider carefully what your customers search for and meet their expectations with well thought out content and keywords that match. Need expert advice? We work with a range of businesses including agencies and blue-chip clients to create killer website marketing campaigns. Want to find out more? Contact us using the buttons below and we'll be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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