Website Marketing Tips: Social Media for Customer Service

Is social media customer service in your website marketing strategy?

As a website marketing company we understand how beneficial social media can be for your business. Not just a platform for promoting products and services, social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are also a valuable way to provide great customer service – and it’s not just there to benefit the big corporations like Nike and Coca-Cola, it is ideal for small businesses too. By the end of this year, it’s been estimated by Gartner that around 80% of companies plan to utilise social media for customer service, while on the consumer side of things, 62% of customers have actually already used social media platforms for customer service purposes. While the social media landscape has evolved, and continues to change, one thing does remain certain, and that’s the ability to serve customers through the channel of social networking. However, social media customer service, despite its informal nature, shouldn’t be seen as some novelty tool. It should be seen, and used, as an essential means of communication with customers, which should be part of every business plan. Social media communication is a superb way of providing excellent customer service for the post-sales experience of people who’ve bought your products. It’s vital to keep current customers content and show potential customers, how customer friendly, approachable and trustworthy your business is. As a leading website marketing company, MonkeyFish have a specialist social media marketing department dedicated to helping your business get the most from Facebook and Twitter. It’s not just services we provide either, as social media training is also available. Whether you require social media training for your managers or your entire team, spreading the responsibility is a great way to make sure you never miss a thing! To find out more about our social media marketing services or any of our other website marketing services use the buttons below and contact us today!

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