Website Marketing Trend: Facebook Activity Log For Mobile

Facebook take advantage of mobile website marketing with a mobile activity log.

Our website marketing team are delighted by the news that Facebook are in the process of rolling out Activity log for their mobile site! The desktop version of this log allows users to adjust not only who sees their activities, but exactly how they appear on their Timeline. Choose ‘featured’ to enlarge a selected story, ‘allowed’ to show a post shown in the regular column size and ‘hidden’ to completely hide the story from view. The mobile version hopes to make Facebook mobile much more user friendly and herald much more positive ratings for the underperforming app - perfect for business who are using Facebook for marketing. The Activity Log is basically a privacy feature that has traditionally only been available to computer-based accounts, and allows users to monitor and control what shows up on their Timeline. Just imagine how much more aesthetically pleasing your company’s profile will look when you can delete automatically generated stories, like irrelevant news you’ve read or pages you’ve ‘Liked’ recently! To use the log simply go to your Timeline and find it in the section that includes ‘About,’ ‘Photos’ and ‘Friends.’ From here you’ll be able to see the privacy setting associated with each action you took with a Facebook-connected app, and be able to delete any of them by clicking the circle next to your desired item. But you won’t just be limited to deleting activity; you can also change their privacy settings and hide items, giving you much more control over what your followers see. Do you use Facebook mobile? Let us know what you think of this clever new feature!
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