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What Are PTS Training Cards?

Personal Track Safety (PTS) is a system of safer working practices to ensure the safety of railway workers. A PTS Training Card or certificate is required before access to the rail infrastructure is granted (if you work on or near the line).nnProviding staff with the knowledge they need to protect themselves from accident or injury, PTS training covers terminology, assessing the infrastructure safely and emergency situations. Candidates will also be shown how to react to certain situations, for example the arrival of a train, to ensure that maximum safety is achieved at all times.nnRailwayTo attain a PTS Training Card, candidates must be sponsored by a link-up company and must have completed a level 4 medical screening. Rail workers are responsible for a huge number of lives and it is therefore imperative that comprehensive training is provided.nnA PTS Training Card proves that the individual is responsible and qualified to work on the railway tracks. Training must be re-taken every two years, and candidates must meet the criteria as defined in the railway safety standards NR/L2/CTM/021.nnRenown Training are a leading training company, providing training courses for the railway and construction industries in addition to small plant and health and safety training. With highly trained staff and assessors, they are fully equipped to train candidates in a number of different areas including working alone and on-site competency requirements.nnRenown Training are a qualified link-up sponsor and are accredited by City and Guilds. A highly respected company, they are a one stop shop for your entire railway training needs, including the basic PTS Training Card and recertification.nnMonkeyFish Marketing are extremely pleased to be working on Renown Training’s website; implementing SEO strategies and using our tried-and tested techniques which deliver results time and time again.

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What Are PTS Training Cards?