What Does 2016 Hold in Store for Internet Marketing?

It’s been a big year in internet marketing – mobile has taken over, Google has introduced AI into its search algorithm and there are more ways than ever to find and engage your target audience online. So what can changes businesses expect to see in 2016, and where should you be looking to focus your campaigns to reap the rewards of the new trends? Our specialists have taken a look:

Internet Marketing Trends for 2016

Video will continue to dominate Almost two thirds of content consumed online is video and the number is set to increase. So if you’re not already utilising video to engage with your customers, reach your target audience and provide useful relevant content, 2016 is the year to start seriously leveraging it. Social provides another avenue for content Facebook has already introduced ‘Instant Articles’ which allows you to publish content directly onto the social platform, and Google is already working on a rival model of their own. 2016 will see the introduction of many other native publishing options, providing businesses with greater opportunities to reach their target audience – but potentially reducing traffic generation from social. It’s a new era for content marketing Type a query into Google now and the chances are you’ll be provided with an instant answer – removing your need to even visit a website. As Google’s Knowledge Graph gets smarter, websites that only provide short answers to queries risk losing out on traffic. So there will be a lean towards long-form content to continue attracting site visitors. As the content market becomes more and more saturated, the focus on quality content that is genuinely useful, relevant or entertaining to your customers – enough so that they will share it – is critical. Personalisation is expected Businesses have the ability to refine their online advertising down to incredible specifics; it’s the norm to see adverts related to a product or website you’ve been viewing on completely unrelated sites. But customers are expecting similar personalisation in everything they view, from emails to suggested products to the content they see. Use your data and plan your campaigns to make contact with your business as personal as possible for your customers.

Give Your Business the Best Start for 2016

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