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What is Google RankBrain?

Artificial intelligence is no longer the stuff of science fiction – it’s something most of use every day thanks to Google’s introduction of AI into its search algorithm. RankBrain is part of Google’s current Hummingbird algorithm and is now processing a large fraction of the millions of searches performed through the search engine each day. Part of its implementation is to help Google deal with and understand ambiguous search queries.


Will This Affect Your Online Marketing?


In a way, yes. RankBrain is just one part of Google’s overall search algorithm, which uses hundreds of signals on websites to determine their relevance to the query. Although unlike other parts of the search algorithm you’re probably familiar with, such as Penguin and Panda, RankBrain isn’t designed to penalise websites as such. It’s designed specifically to get a better understanding of what people are searching for in longer queries and questions, to better present relevant results. This could include presenting pages that might not feature keywords in the query, but are still relevant.


So Does RankBrain Matter?


Of course – RankBrain has come from out of nowhere to be ‘the third most important signal contributing to the result of a search query,’ as Google reported to Bloomberg. So what are the first and second most important signals for website rankings? Google wouldn’t say – but it’s probably links and then words i.e. content. But how is RankBrain a signal of your website? The general consensus is that RankBrain will be much better at identifying the content and quality of a page than existing algorithms used by Google – so it really is more important than ever to get the quality of your website pages as good as it can possibly be. So if you could do with a bit of help improving your website or taking advantage of Google’s new smarter search algorithm to boost your rankings, get in touch with the online marketing team at MonkeyFish Marketing today.

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What is Google RankBrain?