What is Historical Optimisation?

In internet marketing there’s so much focus on where the industry is going and how to plan for the future that it can be easy to forget about the great content that is already on your website. But some of your old blog posts may be a great source of traffic for your website, so a bit of optimisation work can really help to increase their effectiveness and the number of traffic they attract to your website.

Reaping the benefits of past content

The process of optimising old blog posts has been coined ‘historical optimisation’ in a recent post by HubSpot, in which they also share some interesting facts about the serious impact that this simple process can have. Although HubSpot are already a huge name in the internet marketing industry, the company has more than doubled the number of leads generated through old posts they’ve optimised, and increased the number of organic views per month by over 100 percent. The MonkeyFish Marketing team are well practised in the art of historical optimisation and we have produced some of the best performing blog posts for our clients, which continue to drive relevant traffic to their website even years after they’ve been published.

So what does historical optimisation involve?

Don’t let the word ‘historical’ fool you – it simply means blogs that are already on your site, whether they were published 2 weeks or 2 years ago.  Historical optimisation is simply the process of going through your published blogs and updating them for your current marketing strategy. This could include adding more keyword density, adding new links, increasing calls to action or even changing the layout to influence customer paths or behaviour. Optimising past blog posts to continue benefitting from valuable, engaging and just great content isn’t a new process but it’s value is becoming increasingly important – especially as search engines enforce tighter guidelines on quality and page content. So have a good look at your Analytics and data to see which of your blog posts are performing (and those that aren’t) so you can create a good strategy to get the most out of them – while benefitting your current strategy too. Simple yet effective, what’s not to love?!

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