What is Online Marketing Success?

As an online marketing agency we get asked this question by clients quite frequently, but the truth is that in the ever-changing world of online marketing and the variety of clients we service, ‘success’ can look very different so it’s better to look at the key goals for your business and how you can achieve these through SEO and other internet marketing practises. Making the strategic choice of what would amount to the greatest success for your company is one of the most important initial decisions to make. Whether you’re focussed on being position one and increasing traffic or are more concerned about converting the traffic you already get, your goals need to be laid out clearly so you can accurately measure how your strategy is performing against them.

Short term vs. long term online marketing strategies

As search engine optimisation is more of a long-term goal it may be worthwhile to consider other more immediate channels to generate more revenue and brand awareness. These can include PPC, social media advertising (paid or organic) or Google Shopping to name just a few. An online marketing agency can offer a more detailed insight into your current online strengths and advise on the best avenues to take for effective results. In many cases, combining some type of paid advertising with search engine optimisation is an effective way to immediately increase site visitors, while the long-term gains of SEO will further contribute to traffic and lead generation. Most businesses are interested in pursuing internet marketing to increase online revenue but keeping your options open and utilising other online channels is vital for all-round success online. Ultimately, online marketing success depends on your industry and business goals but the right online marketing company will be able to propel you in the right direction and provide the data you need to measure your progress.

Bespoke online markeitng strategies

At MonkeyFish Marketing we pride ourselves on creating bespoke online marketing strategies for each client and our team of internet marketing specialists are passionate about driving success for our clients, delivering real results and being proactive in the pursuit of new online marketing techniques that will deliver success for your business. For more information about our wide range of online marketing services, book a free website health check or call our friendly team of experts on 01282 504730

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