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What Makes a Perfect Blog Post – Blogpros Study

nEveryone’s been outranked by the big guys at one point or another.nnWalmart outranks a local bike shop. Applebees outranks a local restaurant. Google has just recently said that small businesses can outrank larger businesses if their content is quality.nnIf that’s true, then why isn’t it happening for most?nnWhat Makes A Perfect Blog – Blogpros StudynnThis study, by Blogpros, dissects 100 randomly high ranking pieces of content, many of which are on very large websites like Forbes.nnIt breaks them down by images, number of links, videos, topic, length of the title, and more, and then shows the averages for each of these values.nnBy knowing what the average high ranking blog post is made of, webmasters and small businesses now have a great guide to go off of when it comes to creating great content.nnNext time your content isn’t ranking well, look at this infographic. Is your word count less than in the study? What about number of links? Are your comments enabled?nnIf you said no to any of these questions, then you have a good idea why the big guys have a better piece of content!nnWhat do you make of this study? Did you draw any conclusions?nn

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What Makes a Perfect Blog Post – Blogpros Study