What’s the Deal with Organic Reach on Facebook?

If you’re an active business on Facebook you’ve probably noticed in recent weeks that your organic reach has decreased. Marketers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the low numbers of fans their posts are reaching, so Facebook’s Vice President of ads product marketing Brian Bowland has taken some time out to provide a detailed explanation of why organic reach is falling. Those that have been following the issue will recognise that many of Boland’s answers are simply refreshing what many of us already know – but let’s take a look to get a clear answer once and for all.

So Why is Organic Reach Falling?

organic reach fallingIt’s tougher than ever to reach users on Facebook for free because there’s so much competition on the News Feed. There are also a lot more people on the social networking site, many of whom update regularly from their mobile device. Their friends do the same, and with social media now an integral part of online marketing strategies, pages are doing the same too. And because Facebook’s aim is to show users the stories and updates that are most important to them, it seems to be businesses that are drawing the short straw when it comes to News Feed presence. So why not show updates in real time? You might remember when you could tailor your News Feed to show ‘most recent’ or ‘top rated’ posts – but a while back Facebook abolished this for their new algorithm that helps to determine which updates would be the most relevant to the user in question. The reality of a real time feed means that users often miss stories that are important to them – and organic reach would in fact be even lower because there’s just too much information to process.

How to Make the Most of Facebook for Business

No doubt you’ve heard this before: to be effective on Facebook, simply publish great content. Stuff that people find entertaining, useful, valuable or educational. Of course, for maximum reach and effect Facebook suggests supplementing this with advertising – but that’s up to you! The benefits of paid advertising, though, are worth noting: it’s easier to reach larger audiences of your target market more accurately than organic reach. Since social media is now a vital aspect of internet marketing, it’s important to incorporate it into your online marketing strategy. At MonkeyFish Marketing we’re experts in online marketing and can advise you on how to make the most of social media, to enhance your online presence and marketing strategies overall. Why not give us a call on 01282 504730 and test our knowledge?

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