Why are Railway Safety Training Courses so Important?

Railway Safety Training Courses

It’s common knowledge that railways are dangerous places to be. Every year, people are killed needlessly on the rails, mainly because of a lack of education on the dangers of the tracks. It can take a train over a mile to stop completely, so it really is no surprise that 90percent of railway deaths are due to trespassing. Working within the railway infrastructure puts staff at a much higher risk of fatal injury, so it is vital that all members of staff who work directly on the tracks are provided with in-depth, comprehensive training to alert them to all the dangers of the tracks and help to reduce fatalities. Renown Training provide railway safety training at various levels. Whether you’re an individual working alone or a member of staff requiring induction, they have the course to equip with the knowledge you need to remain safe on the tracks and in your job. As one of the industry’s leading training providers, Renown Training offer a vast range of railway safety training courses for the rail and construction industry, small plant courses and health and safety training. With expert trainers and assessors, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with Renown Training. Offering both initial and refresher courses, Renown Training is recognised by a number of official bodies and is renowned for their comprehensive training! Railway safety training courses are vital for anyone who requires access to the rail infrastructure. PTS training is the minimum requirement for staff that access the tracks. Candidates require a sponsor by a link up railway company and medical screening to be able to undertake PTS training. Trains are particularly dangerous because of the high speed of travel and the fact that it takes a long time to stop. Railway safety training is essential for anyone working on the tracks as they hold a huge responsibility for the lives of everyone on board.
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