Why Customer Loyalty is So Important Online

Every town has that one quirky store that has been open for years and continues to do well without investing a penny in marketing or even an online presence. Their regular local customers know and trust the store and often even in the face of more convenient or cheaper competition, will still choose that unique little shop because they’re loyal to it. We're all so bogged down with data and deadlines and targets nowadays that it can be easy to forget the simple golden rule of business: keep customers coming back. In this digital obsessed age many businesses rely on external mediums, platforms and resources to bring in customers, and while this is great, it does beg the question – what would happen without all those third parties? If your website was suddenly hit by a Google penalty or your social media account was hacked and subsequently removed, would you have a loyal customer base that would still find you and choose your business to spend their hard-earned cash?

Using Online Marketing to Enhance Business

Using online marketing to attract and generate new business is fantastic and we have more tools than ever at our disposal to reach a bigger audience. But the keyword here is tools; the aim of your business is to keep your customers coming back for more without relying solely on external platforms. Which is why it is essential that your website is designed with your customers in mind. From useful valuable content to great functionality to a user friendly design, there are tons of things an online marketing can do to ensure that your website brings directly returning visitors. So what are the best ways to increase brand loyalty?

  • A well designed website
  • Email marketing
  • Outstanding customer service
  • A great reputation

Talk to the Online Marketing Specialists

At MonkeyFish Marketing we’re passionate about helping businesses grow online. Our dedicated account managers work with you to establish a strong brand presence that ensures you develop loyal customers so that, even if your website is hit by a penalty (which our internet marketing experts work hard to prevent!)  your customers won’t be lost. So while using online marketing is still essential for the success of your business, it shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on. To find out more about how website design services can help improve your brand image and customer loyalty, call the MonkeyFish Marketing team for a no obligation chat on 01282 504730.

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