Why Directory Sites are Important for Online Marketing

If you’re a local business and you’re not on directory websites, you’re missing a trick. Even though they may not be the first port of call for consumers, directory websites can help to drive traffic to your website through link referrals – an aspect of SEO that’s growing in importance. Your business listing on a directory website naturally includes your company name and location-based keywords that will help people in your local area find your products or services. Since directories and local map listings are given somewhat of a priority in search results, it makes absolute sense for your business to be on there – as long as your listing is created properly.

How to Create a Directory Listing

Many directories have the option to create a free page for your business and include the option to add images. So use good quality images that will be useful to your potential customers – be sure to use relevant titles and useful descriptions! Your business description should be clear, concise and include all of your key services. If you have a broad offering, narrow it down into bitesize summaries that will tell people exactly what you do. List any accreditations, awards or recognition your company has to improve credibility and consumer trust. Last but certainly not least – include as many contact details as possible including address, phone number, email, website and even social accounts, providing they are actively monitored and updated. A dormant social media account often does more harm than good.

What about your competitors?

The downside to directory sites means being listed with your competitors, but by following the above tips and making sure your listing represents your business in the best possible light, you’ll be helping raise awareness of your company. It’s also a good opportunity to see what your competitors are doing with their marketing efforts and could give you fresh ideas for you own.

Enhance Your Online Marketing

As they say, little things make a big difference and at MonkeyFish Marketing we know all about all the little things you can do, such as directory listings, that really make a difference to your overall online marketing strategy. Want to know more? Give our friendly team a call for a no obligation chat on 01282 504730.

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