Why is Web Design so vital to Internet Marketing success?

A popular misconception exists in many circles that web design should be viewed as an exclusive or isolated element of an online marketing campaign. And MonkeyFish Marketing are keen to bury that myth, in doing so explaining why web design is vital to so many aspects of internet marketing success; SEO, rankings and conversions inclusive.

The Advantages of Attractive Web Design

First and foremost, the importance of a website's aesthetic appeal should not be underestimated, with first impressions counting for a lot amongst those engaging with your site. It may sound obvious to state that a colourful, clearly defined layout featuring easy-to-read text is most desirable, but many businesses suffer from failing to implementing such elements, and paying little, if any, great attention to detail with regards to web design. Engaging and relevant quality content of course remains a crucial component of a successful website, as does its presentation; without an appealing design, consumers are far less likely to read the copy you hope will produce leads and conversions. But away from the actual content that populates your website, its possession of mobile responsive functionality is arguably most important. Given the immense increase in searches being performed from mobile devices, search engines such as Google look far more favourably upon responsive sites, and this is reflective in their rankings. Ultimately then, your investment in superlative web design services will be rewarded; just take a look at MonkeyFish Marketing's Scrapbook, and see how clients have benefited from our web design, and continue to do so today.

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So if you require outstanding web design services, or would like to know how MFM can help improve your website performance in any way, then why not request a free expert website health check? Alternatively, give our consultants a call direct on 01282 504730 to discuss your requirements.

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