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Why Use Non Slip Flooring?

Have you ever been walking along when your foot has slipped mid-step and your heart skips a beat in what seems like the longest moment ever? There’s no doubt this has happened to you at some point, whether you were walking along a slippery floor or your foot slipped from one step to the next. Hopefully you weren’t injured – but some people aren’t so lucky.


Prevent Accidents with Non Slip Flooring


non slip flooringSlip falls account for a substantial amount of injuries every year, both in and out of the workplace. If you injure more than your pride as a result of a fall, the chances are some kind of claim or lawsuit can ensue so it’s in the interest of all business owners to make sure their floors are reasonably equipped to prevent slips and trips. When you think of non slip flooring you may picture a boring, ugly floor – but that’s not the case with GRIPFAST non slip flooring solutions! With a huge selection of non slip flooring to choose from, including anti slip decking for the outdoors, non slip stair treads and anti slip strips for those on a budget, there’s something for everyone at Polydeck – the nation’s leading supplier of GRIPFAST products.


GRIPFAST – Guaranteed for Thirty Years!


With a varied choice of colours and patterns for non slip flooring you can choose the perfect solution to suit your premises. With a near diamond hard aggregate, all GRIPFAST non slip floors are guaranteed for thirty years and offer outstanding strength and durability for the duration of that time. Why choose a cheaper substitute that will need to be replaced in a few months or years when an investment in GRIPFAST non slip floors is an investment in your company? Keep yourself covered against potential claims with non slip flooring.

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Why Use Non Slip Flooring?