Windows 8 'Beta' Launches in Barcelona

Will Windows 8 live up to the hype?

Since Microsoft launched their very first Windows operating system in 1985, they have dominated the personal computing scene. With multiple variations of their infamous operating system released over the years, the company are now preparing to launch Windows 8, a ground-breaking piece of software that is perhaps the most important release for Microsoft and internet marketing professionals across the globe, since Windows initial debut way back in the 80's.

Set to release the 'beta' version to the public today at Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona, the Microsoft team are moving one step closer to the highly anticipated mass release of the operating system expected later this year. Having released an earlier version at the end of 2011, the progress of its development is sure to cause a stir as Microsoft look set to deliver their most powerful system yet. But why is there so much excitement surrounding the new operating system? Windows 8 has been designed to bridge the gap between traditional PC's and mobile devices. While the company want to continue hauling in the revenues of personal computing, they also recognise the importance of the lucrative mobile market. Dominated heavily by Apple and Android software, Microsoft are hoping that Windows 8 will prove to be a worthy competitor in the arena of modern technology and will bring their brand back to full form. With its future riding on the success of Windows 8, it seems like a big risk to take, but in such a fast paced industry, staying safe can often mean being left behind. "This is a chance for Microsoft to re-establish itself in a market where it's becoming increasingly irrelevant" said Gartner Inc. analyst David Cearley. Sneak peaks of Windows 8 show a vast improvement from the familiar operating systems consumers are accustomed to. Disregarding the 'start' menu completely, applications are spread across an attractive mosaic of tiles called the 'Metro'. Each tile resembles a road sign and can be navigated with the swipe of a finger, touch of a keyboard or click of a mouse. Providing a 'glimpse'  into each apps activity when connected to the internet, it looks set to be an innovative new design that offers the kind of interactive insight its competitors currently lack. Its new storage service, 'SkyDrive' enables users to back up pictures, music, movies and more and will compete directly with Apple's very own iCloud. With such versatility, the system is able to power both traditional PC's and mobile tablets, a step that Microsoft hope will encourage more PC manufacturers to design machines combining the convenience of a tablet with the functionality of a notebook. Think Windows based Macbook Air and you're getting the picture. Sure to grab the headlines this week, Microsoft's launch at the MWC is set to provide some interesting discussion among the tech community. With Apple set to show off the latest version of their iPad next week however, Microsoft better hope that Windows 8 lives up to its hype, or risk being left standing in the shadows.
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