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Would You Pay for YouTube? Our Internet Marketing Team Investigate

nYouTube is by far the most popular of the video sharing sites, with over one billion unique visitors each month and a widespread reputation for containing any information or clip you may need – not to mention almost every music video and TV programme you can think of!n

The New Subscription Model Will Increase Revenue

nyoutube-dollarBut would you pay to use YouTube? The website could launch subscription based channels as early as this week, with up to 50 channels in the pipeline that will feature high quality content; all the better to attract more advertisers that are looking for TV like quality. The subscription model will allow YouTube to compete with other file sharing websites such as Netflix and Amazon, while the specified channels give companies another avenue from which to generate revenue from their content.nnYouTube is looking beyond its user focused service to create partnerships with providers of high quality content, which will help to attract users that are specifically interested in the particular subject or category; it could also help past films and TV programmes to generate revenue. And with subscription fees rumoured to be as low as $1.99 a month, YouTube could potentially generate millions for advertisers and content providers.nnThe popularity of online video continues to grow exponentially, though for the time being traditional television is still the out-and-out winner. When it comes to internet marketing, YouTube is a well utilised channel that allows businesses to demonstrate their products or services, provide tutorials, answers to common questions etc, all for free.n

Keep up to Date with the Latest Internet Marketing News

nMost companies and video sharers don’t need to worry though; it’s most likely that YouTube will target only the highest channels to charge a subscription fee; YouTube claims that some of its top 25 channels generate more than a million views a week!nnKeep up to date with the latest internet marketing news by adding our blog to your RSS feed. Updated daily with the most recent news from the internet marketing industry in addition to the latest news from MonkeyFish Marketing, you’ll never miss out on anything!

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Would You Pay for YouTube? Our Internet Marketing Team Investigate