WWE Social Media Impresses Online Marketing Company

Online marketing company gives WWE the hot tag

While it’s probably not the kind of thing you’d expect to see on the website of an online marketing company, it’s been interesting to see the way in which the huge professional wrestling and entertainment company WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has taken to the world of social media to promote their product. WWE has an illustrious and prestigious history spanning the last 60 years and now they’ve arrived in a new era, one in which the WWE has shown a willingness and enthusiasm to adapt to changes in the wider society and digital age – and that’s with their social media strategy. Twitter has become the primary tool used by the WWE to interact with its ‘WWE Universe’, encouraging fans to share their thoughts via tweets every Monday when their flagship show Raw is broadcast, and at every pay per view event. Trending topics flash up on screen, while there’s a constant Twitter hash tag shown in the corner where fans are encouraged to attach to their tweets. Wrestlers have used it too, with WWE’s top star John Cena and ex-wrestler turned movie star, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. With a year to build up to their match at WrestleMania (wrestling’s equivalent of the Champions League Final), they used Twitter to further the storyline, interacting with each other and creating popular hash tags in order to raise fans’ excitement and interest. It’s safe to say it worked with WrestleMania 29 achieving the best PPV buy rates of all time. The WWE’s social media strategy shows just how powerful social media can be, and while you won’t get any wrestling matches in our strategies; we are an SEO company that strives to achieve effective results from social media for your business. We are an online marketing company with many different services to help your business. Find out how we can help by clicking on the buttons below and filling in a contact form today!

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