Your Guide to Instagram for Brands

Thinking of using Instagram for your brand?

By now, you will no doubt have heard about Instagram. Your Facebook friends are using it, your favourite brands are using it and yes! your business should be using it too. The totally visual side of social media, it is a must for businesses who want to keep it cool and stay on top of the latest social media trends. So what's the big attraction?

1. It's engaging

Visual content is extremely engaging. It brings products to life and help's buyers to make a decision based on what they see.

2. It's great for sharing

Customers and fans are already sharing their favourite brands on Instagram, so make the most of it! Find hash tags associated with your brand and take a look at what's being posted!

3. It's ideal for incentives

Once your brand has a good following, start using incentives to boost user-generated content. It will encourage users to share your content and reward loyal fans. Learn more about incentive based marketing.

4. It's personal

Instagram gives you the opportunity to share more personal insights into your brand with users that with ads and promo's. Think backstage at shoots, birthday's in the office - even staff day's out, it's a great way to add another dimension to your company.

5. It's growing!

At the last count, Instagram had 100 million users. With the site growing in popularity, this figure looks set to grow. For marketer's, this means a fantastic pool of users to connect and engage with. Worth a shot? We think so! Want to find out more about social media marketing? Feel free to browse our website to see which services we offer. As a clever online marketing agency, we know how to help your business succeed online. Find out more from the social media marketing consultants.

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