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Need a Health Check?

Is your website not ranking as highly as you want it to on Google? MonkeyFish can help! Our team of website health checkers are able to identify key problems that may be affecting your search engine rankings. We don’t need any ftp’s or passwords, we simply need your website name and our team will get to work.

Once you have asked for a health check the MonkeyFish team will get back to you as soon as possible with a full health report on your website, we will offer our expert advice and solutions to any problems we may find.

You are the Boss!

MonkeyFish Marketing is here to help! Your website is your brain child, the design aspect of the site is under your control. Your existing site has been nurtured and cared for by you, the last thing MonkeyFish want to do is make dramatic changes to all your hard work! Our team want to help, assist and make the best of your website. By completing the website health check we want to ensure your site is ready for optimisation, not destroy your design!

What is a Health Check ?

As mentioned our team need to cover the basics of your website, we need to ensure there are no major problems with the site that are hindering it and your rankings! Here is a list of what our free health check consists of:

  • We will check you are targeting the right keywords
  • We will check your content is unique to your website
  • We will check you have the correct meta data inserted into the website code
  • We will check how many internal and external links you have
  • We will check your site maps
  • We will check to see why your website is not performing/ranking on search engines such as Google | Bing | Yahoo and many more

Get your Health Checked today!

MonkeyFish Marketing pride themselves on their knowledgeable and professional approach to business, our free website health checks are available to anyone with a website! Why not contact MonkeyFish today and find out what your website needs to be a page one player!

Get your free website health check from MonkeyFish Marketing now by calling 01282 831 215 or inquire online.

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