Terms and Conditions

Working with MonkeyFish

As per the nature of our work, before entering into a contract with MonkeyFish Marketing it is important that you read our terms and conditions. We will treat your initial payment as an acceptance of our terms and conditions.

1. Starting your contract and payments

1.1. The details of the work to be carried out will be shown on an agreement which will be sent to you before your project starts, along with any initial invoice.

1.2. The work MonkeyFish Marketing undertake will commence once the agreed initial payment has been received.

1.3. Payment of any invoices will be due on the date shown on the invoice. If monthly payments have been agreed we request that a standing order is set up.

2. Work undertaken by monkeyfish marketing

2.1. MonkeyFish Marketing are confident in the results we will achieve for all our clients, and as such do not insist on a formal contract. Instead we request that you add our company link to the bottom of your website.

2.2. As part of the Search Engine Project, MonkeyFish Marketing may purchase and host a domain allied to the project. This domain, although it shall remain the property of MonkeyFish Marketing unless otherwise agreed in writing, will be used during the contract period to the benefit of the client. After the period of the contract, the domain, unless transferred to the client, may be used by MonkeyFish Marketing as deemed appropriate.

2.3. If at any point during our relationship you feel the need to raise any questions or concerns, then these will be dealt with at the highest level in the company, as we pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event of any customer wishing to dispense with the services of MonkeyFish, we would require 1 month’s notice to allow us to finish current work and arrange a handover to you.

3. Data protection

3.1. The information that you provide to MonkeyFish Marketing regarding your website will be used to undertake work that has been agreed upon by yourselves and our marketing team.

3.2. By providing MonkeyFish Marketing with any passwords and log in details to your online accounts you agree to us optimising and altering content within these accounts for the sole purpose of bettering your online presence and promoting your business in accordance with the marketing, development or design strategies previously agreed upon by yourself and our team.

3.3. MonkeyFish Marketing do not sell data onto third parties.

3.4. MonkeyFish Marketing will not use your information maliciously or for any other reasons other than those agreed upon in meetings or through email or telephone communication with yourselves. If at any point you wish to stop using a service from MonkeyFish then please let our team know immediately.

3.5. Clients of MonkeyFish Marketing have a right to know what information MonkeyFish Marketing hold for their business. If you require this information, then please get in touch and allow up to forty days for your information to be sent to you.

3.6. If at any point you would like any data that is held by MonkeyFish Marketing to be removed from our records, then we require your account manager to request this by email.

3.7. Whilst you employ MonkeyFish Marketing your data will be stored within our secure CRM system which only employees of MonkeyFish Marketing have access to.

3.8. To fulfil our duties as a marketing company, MonkeyFish Marketing occasionally monitor and record contact form submissions to allow us to report on the success of marketing campaigns. If you do not wish for us to obtain this data for your business, then please contact our team by emailing your query to hello@monkeyfishmarketing.com.

MonkeyFish Marketing Pledge

MonkeyFish Marketing pride ourselves on our exemplary customer support and personalised focus on our customer’s business. We will always endeavour to achieve outstanding results and ensure confidentiality at all times.

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