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MonkeyFish Marketing have over 15 years of digital marketing experience, particularly in SEO, CRO and PPC. Our creative side of the agency can also support web design projects to evolve your marketing campaigns.

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Challenge our team to identify where improvements can be made to your current online marketing campaigns. We have a team of devoted marketing executives and design specialists who can inspire you to move your business forward.

Our work

Before you go ahead and contact our team, why not take a look at some of the digital marketing projects that we have been working on? Work for our clients ranges from design and development concepts right through to SEO and PPC campaigns. At MonkeyFish we take pride in what we do, and we are proud of the work we have achieved.

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Your customers interact with the digital face of your brand. Managing an omnichannel approach, maintaining brand consistency and producing the content your customers want is a huge demand for any business.

Digital Strategies Are Defined By Their Planning

A slapdash approach to digital marketing often causes more harm than good. Whereas, a fantastic approach seeks to establish two way communication between you and your audience by delivering a personalised experience.

Let MonkeyFish Take Care of your Marketing

Relying on a digital marketing company means you can watch your brand’s online visibility grow without the need for frantic multitasking just to stay on top of your strategy. So. why not let the experts at MonkeyFish Marketing take care of the marketing while you take care of running and growing your business.

MonkeyFish Marketing has been built from the ground up. We understand the challenges you are facing and can draw on our own experiences and expertise to grow your business with clever internet marketing strategies. 

Looking for a marketing company that’s focused on leads and sales, rather than selling you marketing solutions you might not even need?

Expertise That’s Affordable

That’s exactly the sort of service that MonkeyFish Marketing offer. We are an energetic and innovative agency based in the North West, home to the finest internet marketing talent at a lower cost than lesser agencies located elsewhere in the UK.

Digital Marketing is a cost effective way to generate leads and increase your brand’s exposure – after-all your customers are online and to reach them, you need to be online too. It’s not enough to simply ‘exist’ online – you need to be actively marketing your company and services, producing content that your customers will value, appreciate and engage with.

Make The Most of Every Marketing Channel

Whatever your niche, there are internet marketing channels where you can thrive – be it organic, social, or paid search.

There’s officially 7 types of internet marketing: 

1. PPC (Paid Advertising)

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

3. Content Marketing 

4. Email Marketing

5. Affiliate Marketing

6. Influencer Marketing

7. Social Media Marketing


But it’s also a tad bit more complicated than that. Internet marketing is a broad term that covers any and all types of marketing that is conducted using the internet. Broadly speaking this covers organic search, paid search, social media (both organic and paid) and email. Each of these is an internet marketing specialism in itself, so it is important to understand where your marketing would be most effective, rather than stretching yourself too thin across all channels. 

Choosing a digital marketing agency can seem overwhelming. To make it easy, MonkeyFish believe there’s just 5 qualities you should be looking for when choosing an internet marketing company:

1. How Does The Agency’s Website Look?

If they have a bad website, that’s a great indicator that the work they do for your brand will feature the same issues. 

2.  Experienced Talent That’s Organised

You want your marketing support to be prompt, efficient and always surpassing your expectations in terms of quality and communication.  If your business needs to adapt fast to stay ahead, then you want support from a marketing company that can keep up with you and see ahead.

3.  Do They Have The Right Tools For The Job? 

4. Data You Can Trust 

5. A Team You Can Feel Comfortable With

When deciding to work with an internet marketing agency it is essential to do your research to ensure they will be a good fit for you. If it goes well, you’ll be working together for a long time so it’s important you choose a team you get along with and can put your faith in.

Ask About Our Track Record for Delivering Results

Any internet marketing agency worth their salt will be able to provide case studies showcasing their previous work – and have testimonials from clients to back it up. A good internet marketing agency will provide you with a bespoke marketing strategy that considers your industry, business goals, customers, budget and many more.

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