Health & Fitness Client Goes from Strength to Strength

Diverse Trainers is a longstanding client of MonkeyFish Marketing and thanks to their on-going growth and development, the business has recently opened its very own gym facility, in conjunction with their health and fitness qualifications, as well as sports massage and physiotherapy services.

About the Diverse Brand

The Diverse brand has evolved dramatically over the past six years, training and developing the careers of thousands of professionals in the health and fitness sector. With industry leading knowledge and over two decades of experience, their team is able to propel students as they advance on their career paths.

Since MonkeyFish Marketing welcomed Diverse on board back in 2016, our team has supported Diverse with continuous development to better engage with students, as they look for key knowledge and insight into the industry. One of the main goals was continuously building diverse trainers’ brand awareness across the UK, as they storm ahead in their industry.

From SEO to PPC, the MonkeyFish team has implemented key digital marketing strategies to enhance their online presence and drive traffic to the Diverse Trainers website.

Technical Investment

Over the last 6 years, Diverse Trainers has invested heavily in student support and ensuring the highest quality learning. Alongside our marketing partnership, Diverse Trainers engaged with our development arm of the business, and together built one of the UK’s leading E-learning platforms for the health and fitness industry. Thousands of students have been able to continue blended learning through the platform, which proved to be particularly helpful during lockdown, as people faced multiple restrictions to their day to day lives.

Diverse’s New Venture

With an ever increasing online presence thanks to high ranking pages across their website and significant organic traffic Diverse Trainers has had the opportunity to expand their brand.

January 2022 saw the launch of Diverse Gym on the outskirts of Preston, Lancashire.

The key USP of the Diverse Gym is how it encompasses a whole range of services under one roof. The state of the art facility boasts industry leading fitness equipment and knowledgeable gym instructors, as well as Sports Massage and Physiotherapy services.

Throughout the gym facility, Diverse Trainers brand colours can be identified, with bold red walls and a fresh and clean aesthetic.

Clear Vision

Over the years, Diverse Trainers has grown significantly and is firmly cemented at the forefront of the health and fitness education industry. Founder Chris Mullen, has grown his team over the years, in hand with his businesses service offerings. The Diverse team has been able to exceed an array of expectations in the industry and continues to strive towards new goals.

Diverse testimonial

Moving Forwards Together

Following the introduction of Diverse Gym, the MonkeyFish team is continuing to support the overall brand on the Diverse Trainers website, but will be applying similar SEO and CRO strategies to enable Diverse Gym to grow its online presence.

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Health & Fitness Client Goes from Strength to Strength