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Why You Need a Warehouse Management System

If you own a warehouse, you know how important is to run a tight ship. With orders being continuously placed and goods being delivered, keeping track of everything can prove a challenge, even for the most organised individual. A WMS will help you keep on top of all the products and staff in your warehouse, so you can check where everything is at any given moment.


There are lots of benefits to having a Warehouse Management System. Let’s take a look at what they are:

1. Inventory Check

A WMS will keep track of your inventory, removing products from your inventory list as and when they’re taken from your warehouse. This helpful feature shows you when you need to reorder stock and also lets you know which products are selling well and which aren’t. You can then tailor your products and marketing efforts according to specific demands.

2. Increase Productivity

Let’s face it, managing a warehouse is hard work. It takes time and effort. Without a WMS, all that hard work is down to one or more individuals. Freeing up their time will enable them to get on with other, more productive tasks to keep your warehouse running smoothly.

Your employees will be able to store, select, and organise products more efficiently. Your WMS will tell them precisely which products they need to be dealing with, where they are in your warehouse, and what they need to do with them.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

When checking inventory and stock levels, it’s very possible that someone could make a mistake. While getting the odd product count wrong may not seem like a big deal, imagine the scenario from your customers’ perspectives. How frustrating would it be to order something only to be told later that it’s not in stock?

You then need to go through the process of refunding that customer. Chances are, they would not return to you for future purchases because the whole process was too much of a headache.

WMS helps you avoid costly mistakes like this, making sure that you actually have everything that you are selling.

Assign Tasks

A WMS will help when it comes to assigning tasks to your employees. With an efficient management system, you will enable you to see what needs doing, and who in your warehouse is able to do and when. This frees up some much-needed time for you to get on with other jobs that you need to do and oversee things with minimal interference.

Beat The Sell By Dates

If you’re selling perishable goods with sell by dates, a WMS will help you organise the products that need to go first. This means no more wasting goods unnecessarily, saving you more money in the long run.

Return on Investment

Last, but certainly not least in our list of WMS benefits, is a higher return on your investment. Mistakes, extra labour, and managing a warehouse in general costs money. With a WMS, you are reducing your costs over time, making it an excellent money-saving option for businesses relying on efficient warehouse productivity.

WMS – Take Your Warehouse to The Next Level

At MonkeyFish, we’re experts at developing robust and oh-so-handy operating systems to make life easier for business owners and managers. We offer tailored systems personalised to suit the individual needs of our customers.

Our Warehouse Management Systems are practical, convenient, and cost-effective. What’s more, they are a must-have piece of equipment for growing businesses to avoid human-error and to keep everything organised and as it should be. Deliver the best service to your customers by taking advantage of what a bespoke WMS has to offer.

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Why You Need a Warehouse Management System